Top ten best places to trekking in Vietnam

Trekking in Vietnam is one of the prime attractions for those looking for active adventure holidays in Vietnam. Apart from the sheer thrill factor of exploring the many untouched territories and marveling at the wonderful beauty herein, these Vietnam treks will also familiarize you with the indigenous flora and fauna of the country. It is no wonder that trekking is one of the most popular of the options for adventure and recreation in Vietnam.

Here are top ten trekking destinations in Vietnam:

Sapa: The mountain terrain with magnificent scenery and rich nature,cool climate and colourful cultures of the ethnic minority peoples make Sapa and surrounding area a superb place for trekking,Sapa where is really one of the most attracting tourists in Viet Nam.

Pù Luong: With the house on stilts is located in flanks,and is confused in plants ,among wild mountain and forests … It is the most wonderfull when trekking about long roads to discover the hidden charm of western border’s mountain and forests.

Mai Chau – Hòa Bình: It’s about 130 km far from Ha Noi,valley tourism Mai Chau – Hoa Binh is a favorite destination of many tourists.

Cao Bang: Located in the northern of Viet Bac region,where the first of country,Cao Bang is blessed the tourism potential richness such as spread superb mountains,forests,rivers ,streams and many wild and raw natural features.

Ha Giang: Ha Giang has many of village where is quite wild and keeping almost intact cultures has not been throught away by trade storm such as Tay people’s Tha,Tien Thang mountain village about 5 km far from Ha Giang city,LoLo people’s Sang Pang A mountain village in Meo Vac town…Foreign tourists especially like nature beautifull sceneries in Xin Man district and interesting natural forests which has many kinds of valuable woods.

Cat Ba: is converged by forest and sea. Forest and sea are combined together to make the unique beauty.

Ba Be: Ba Be lake is about 300 km far from Ha Noi capital, about 50 km far from Bac Can city. Pre historic man called Ba Be lake “Natural best lake”
Cuc Phuong forest:Typically tropical with an area of 7 hecta.This is a forest of limestone mountainous region with a lot of caves.There are also relics of approving that people had used from 12.500 years ago.

Nam Cat Tien: is a national forest which located in three provinces Dong Nai,Lam Dong and Binh Thuan,has many rich and attravtive botanic and animals, is protected by the most strict methods. NCT has many kinds of millions years trees with more than 30m diameter. Stream,waterfall and mountain system is very gigantic and attracting…

KonTum and central highland: Arriving Kon Tum,we can visit a lot of Central highland’s mountain and forets’s beautifull sceneries such as Ngoc Linh mountain, Chu Mon Ray, Sa Thay wild forest, Dak Tre tourism region in Kon Plong district,hot water stream Dak To.


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