Korea Sparkling Desktop Widget

The Korea Sparkling Desktop Widget will provide a variety of information about Korea including updates on travel destinations, culture, history, daily life, shopping, and more. The widget will also provide Korean news and article updates through the RSS function, along with a clock and weather function, helping you learn everything you need to know about Korea.
Now everyone will have the chance to experience Korea through the Korea Sparkling Widget.

Minimum System Requirements for Deluxe Version:
- CPU : Intel Pentitum D, AMD Athlon64 / 2.0Ghz CPU- RAM : 1Gb
If your computer does not have the minimum system requirements for the deluxe version, it is recommended that you use the standard version of the widget.

About the Korea Sparkling Desktop Widget
- Entertaining animated scenes will introduce you to Korea’s diverse culture and lifestyle.
- You can receive up to date information on Korea through the RSS service.
- You can select one of the world’s major cities and receive updated information on that city’s current time and weather conditions.
- You can learn useful Korean phrases through the widget’s Korean language lessons.
- The widget’s clear and neat design makes it easy to use, and it will only take up a small amount of space on your desktop.

How to Install the Widget

Follow these steps to install the Korea Sparkling widget on your desktop:
1. Download the Korea Sparkling Desktop Widget.
2. After downloading the widget, the widget’s icon will appear on your desktop. Double click on the icon and follow the instructions to install the widget.

3. Select your preferences and then click finish to complete the installation

4. Your Korea Sparkling Desktop Widget has been installed successfully.

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