How to create a professional travel blog? (Sign up a blog)

Blogs are another kind of website. The content is usually organized by date and category with the most recent post/content displaying first. Blogs are also easier to setup than websites, and because of this reason people are often lured into thinking blogs are a better option than websites.

With travellers,  blog (travel blog) is a collection of tools so that travellers can write down a journal, send the address to family and friends, set up automatic mailing lists so that everytime you add a new entry to your list your friends get an automatic email. Also the theme is travel, the tools are designed to cope with you moving around, maps and flags are linked from each journal.
Write reviews, guides, journals, add photos.
And earn money from your blog, why not?

How to create a travel blog?
You can create and manage your blog site using some of the free Open Source blog tools that are available;
I think blogger and wordpress are the best free Open Source blog tools for you.

WordPress? Blogger? Which is Best?
WordPress and Blogger are hands down the two most popular blogging platforms.
Blogger is great because it's super easy to use. However, WordPress has a lot more features and plug-ins that will allow you to enhance your blog.
I'm using Blogger for Etraveltips.
Some blog travel use blogger platforms:

Signing up
First you can go to the front page and click the blue “Sign up now” button.

Then enter your information. (Tip: WordPress recommend against using Hotmail or MSN because their spam filters are the worst and tend to block WordPress's activation emails.)

You will get an email with an activation link. It should arrive within seconds.
If you don’t get the email, check your spam folder. If it’s not there within a few hours, you can contact support.
After you click the activation link you’ll be given a password, which will then allow you to login and start having fun!

With Blogger:

Step1: Sign Up to Create a Blog at
Visit the home page and select the "Create Your Blog Now" button to begin the process to start your new blog.

Step 2: Create a Google Account
If you don't already have a Google account, you'll need to create one by completing the form on this page.

Step 3: Sign In with Your Google Account
If you already have a Google account, you can bypass the "Create Google Account" step and simply sign in with your existing Google account username and password.

Step 4: Name Your New Blog
Enter the blog name and corresponding domain name (to precede '') in the spaces provided.

Step 5: Choose a Template
Select a standard template for your new blog. You can change your blog template, i will write a post to do this.


Step 6: Congratulations - Your New Blog is Active!
Your blog is now live and ready for you to start writing content.

Step 7: Write Your Post
That's all there is to it! You're now ready to write your first blog post in your new blog and join the blogosphere.

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