Vung Tau Travel Guide (Hotel/hostel)

Đường Lâm Guesthouse
On the top of Thuy Van Street.
Phone: +84.64.3586486
Near the seaside.
Price: 120.000 dong/room/pax (on weekdays), 200.000dong/room/pax (on weekend - 300.000dong/room/ 2paxs)

Đồi Dừa Hotel (2*)
300 Phan Chu Trinh, Vung Tau City
Phone: (064) 385 2646
Price: 250.000 dong - 400.000 dong
Cao Su (rubber) (**)
108 Vo Thi Sau, Vung Tau
Phone: (064).3852746
Just a few walks to the beach.
Price: 400.000dong

Tháng 10 Hotel (**)
151 Thùy Vân, Vung Tau
Phone: (064).3852645 – 3852665
Just a few walks to the beach. 
Prices range from 300,000 dong - 500,000 dong.

Lan Rừng Hotel (***)
3-6 Hạ Long, Vung Tau
Phone: (064) 3528009 – 3522341
Near Statue of Jesus Christ with outstretched arms. 
Breakfast free (buffet).
Price: Over 1.000.000 dong

Paradise Hotel (**)
1 Thuy Van, Vung Tau
Phone: (064).3859687
On the top of Thuy Van street.
Coast, swiming pool, breakfast free (buffet).

Note: The Room Price in Vung Tau is higher than other places in Vietnam. It's expensive. 

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"What a nice beach. I must go and visit that someday. Vung Tau Travel noted. :-D"

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