Tips for travelling by motorcyle in Vietnam

When i met some travellers in Pham Ngu Lao Area (Backpacker Ares in Sai Gon), they said that: they love to travel by motorcyle in Vietnam. Some destinations they didn't book tour or travel by bus, they wanted to travel by motorcycle. They rented a motorcyle (on the head Pham Ngu Lao street, there are a lot of motorcycle rental for travellers) and rode it to every where they want.

It's exciting? Yes, that's right!
But you know: while you travel by motorcycle in Vietnam (eg: From Nha Trang to Saigon...), beside carry your luggage, you should bring something. What's are they?
1. Motorcycle:
It's the most important thing while you travel by motorcycle. You should buy a second motor or rent/borrow your Vietnamese friend or... you can ask motortaxi drivers to ride you to.
Remember that: you shouldn't buy a very old motorcycle, or don't know anything about it. If the first time you ride a motorcycle you should ride around in City, Town before decide ride it for a long trips/distance.

2. Helmet:
It's very important.
Traffic in Vietnam is "exciting" but it's danger for riders.
You should choose a good helmet that it can save your head on the road. Since December 15th, 2007 all riders in Vietnam are now required to wear helmets an this is strongly enforced.

3. Coats, gloves, mask, glasses, shoes, bandana:
They help you don't be sunburn, and against dust.
The first time, i travel by motorcycle (from Saigon to Mui Ne), i didn't wear gloves, shoes ... after my trip, my skin on face, hand, legs was sunburn.

4. Driving License, Passport, Visa:
In Vietnam, sometimes, on the road the police would ask you a driving License, passport and motorcycle registration.... So you should bring them while travelling by motorcycle.
Should remember that: maximum speed allowed with motorcycle in Vietnam is about 50km/hour so you should ride with speed 40km/hour that's ok.
5. Motorcycle repair tools
On the road, it's easy to be punctured tire/flat tire with your motorcycle so you should bring motorcycle repair tools (motorcycle pump, tire,..).

6. Vietnam road map and Vietnam Travel Map:
Some guide book provide some travel maps but when you ride you must use Vietnam Road Map. You can buy it at some Book Store in Vietnam (a large map - it's easy to fold).

7. Other things: Raincoat, Medicines, ...

That are my experiences - I hope they're necessary with your trips.

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