Travel Tips: Taxi in Sai Gon

There are 2 kinds taxi in Sai Gon: Metered Taxi and Non-Metered Taxi.
- Metered Taxi: 
It's easy to see them on the street, some public areas, ... 
There 2 kinds of Metered Taxi: Vip Taxi and Standard Taxi
+ Vip Taxi: 
At present, there are two Vip Taxi companys in Saigon - Mailinh and Vinasun.

Mailinh Vip Taxi (Taxi Mai Linh Limousine): 
Good service, Taxi Driver is so polite, nice dress (uniform),..
Call: 08 38 36 36 36
. Camry 2007 Car (4 seats)
First fee (Open Cost): 12,000 dong/ 0.8 km
The next distance (Km) - km 25th: 15,000 dong/km
From 26th: 10,000 dong/km
Waiting fee service: 1.000dong/minute
. Innova G 2009 Car (7 seats):
First fee (Open Cost): 12,000 dong/ 0.8 km
The next distance (Km) - km 25th: 12,000 dong/km
From 26th: 19,000 dong/km
Waiting fee service: 500dong/minute

Vinasun Vip Taxi

Call: 08
Camry 2007 Car (4seats)
Fee: 30, 000 dong/ km , After 2km, 15,000 dong/ km.

+ Standard Taxi:
It's so popular.
There some famous taxi services in Sai Gon.
Mailinh Taxi: (08).

Vinasun: (08).

Future: 08 38 18 18 18

Vina Taxi 08 38 11 11 11

Always use the metered taxi

- Non-metered Taxi:
They're 4 seats, non trademark, non company, ... and of course non-meter.
When you use them, you should always agree on a price before you set off.
You can see them in Pham Ngu Lao Area, Airport (somtime),...

How can to reconize them? They're often 4 seats, taxi driver don't wear uniform, car is old, 
Name of them are: Taxi  Meter, M.Taxi, ...

How can i call taxi while i can't speak Vietnamese?
You can ask your receptionist or take a taxi on the street.

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Luton airports cho rằng:

"Looking at Vinasun taxis seems like they provides services to rich people only but this is not the case, they provides services to all. Whenever or wherever you go taxi is always a best option as one can reach to their destination soon with taxi."
N.T.L cho rằng:

"In recent month, i didn't see Vinasun Vip."

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