Photos of Bu Gia Map National Park (Binh Phuoc)

Dulichbui's Blog - Last week, i rode my motor-cycle to travel to Bu Gia Map National Park (Vietnamese: Vườn quốc gia Bù Gia Mập) in Binh Phuoc Province. With 2 days, i had some experience in this place. These are some pictures that i took when i traveled there.

Old bridge - i took this picture on the way to Bu gia Map
Suoi Lam Lake, - it's located near rubber forest
Ba Ra Mountain Gate
Ba Ra Mountain - the second highest mountain in the south of Vietnam
A Stream
Bu Gia Map is on frontier area (with Cambodia)
Stieng people's house (ethnic people) 
The small road is on Bu gia Map National Pak
I like this pic
a small stream
How to get there:
It's not easy to get there (special with foreiner), the easiest way to get there: you take a bus to Bu Gia Map commune (Vietnamese: Xã Bù Gia Mập) at Mien Dong bus station.
Contact with Bu Gia Map National Pak Center (near Bu Gia Map market) to travel to Bu Gia Map National Park.

Fan room: 3 double beds: 100.000 VND/night
Air-con room: 3 double beds: 150.000 VND/night
Or if you want you can sleep at a house in the forest.

- Stream bath
- Trekking
- Discover the culutre of Stieng People
- To see animal

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