I'm a finalist in Medical Tourism Blog Contest

Two months ago, i submitted my blog to Medical Tourism Blog Contest. And yesterday, i have been so happy because i recieved an email from TAT (Tourism Authority of Thailand) that notified that i'm one of 12 finalists in Medical Tourism Blog Contest.

Great! Thank you for voting me at this contest.
From 21st to 27th, November, 2010 i will travel to Thailand to join the FAM trip.
Thank you,

After a thoroughly challenging couple of months, our judges have finally managed to conclude the selection of 12 global bloggers, who will continue on the Med Blog Contest quest as Finalists.
The 12 tremendous finalists, already guaranteed a mega all inclusive freebie Thailand Fam trip (upon confirmation of their availability), can now set their eyes on becoming the overall winner while waltzing home with a whopping USD $10,000!

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Destination Beauty cho rằng:

"Congratulations - best of luck in the contest! We're not affiliated with it in any way, but it's been great to see people take note of our industry - especially in Vietnamese. We have a Vietnamese representative and are in the process of finishing our Vietnamese site and more brochures and other information to help us work with more Vietnamese clients, so it's great to see someone else out there talking about the same topic in the same language to the Vietnamese people :)"
Wahyu Wijanarko cho rằng:

"Hello Lam, how are you? I hope can meet you in 2011 :)"
HOSTEL LA CORTE (Costarica) cho rằng:

"It´s great that people in need have the chance to be part of this medical turism contest."

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