Getting around in Phnompenh

Tuk-Tuk is the most popular transport in Cambodia. These refer to a motorcycle vehicle with a cabin for passengers also known as motorcycle trailers.
They are also a more economical option than taxis and with a somewhat more intimate and charming view of the city.
The tuk-tuk drivers in Phnompenh (in most of the tourist areas) are able to speak English, Vietnamese.
Remember : always agree on a price before you set off.
To get around Phnompenh by Tuk-tuk you can contact with any tuk-tuk driver (choose a nice tuk-tuk), the tuk-tuk cost for one day is 15usd.
Tuk-tuk cost from airport to downtown is about 6usd.
Tuk-tuk is the most popular transport in Cambodia
Motorcycle taxi (Vietnamese: Xe om)
It like a "xe om" in Vietnam. You can take a Motorcycle taxi at every corner in Phnompenh. They cost about US$6-$8 per day and tend to be higher at night, with multiple passengers.
Remember : always agree on a price before you set off.

At present, there is no regular in-city bus system in Phnom Penh.

Taxis are available at selected locations such as the area outside the Foreign Correspondents' Club on Sisowath Quay. Most of them are not meter taxi.
Such taxi-car arrangements with a driver may cost between US$30-$35 per day, while a shorter trip within town costs US$4-$5.
Taxi cost from airport to downtown is about 8 - 10usd

A more traditional and relaxing form of transport is the cyclos, a three-wheeled cycle-rickshaw. Although significantly slower then a motodop, the cyclos is well-liked by tourists as they are less chaotic than motodops.

This is the cheapest way to get around Phnompenh. Is it safe? Yes.

Motor rental
The traffic in Phnom Penh is challenging and hazardous so be careful if you ride a motorcycle...
Motorcycles are available for rent from US$5-$9 per day.

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