Tips on Travelling To Vietnam, Thailand and the Philippines

Asia is the largest and the most populated continent in the world, with population close to 4 billion people. There are 48 countries inside Asia and the continent is also being divided in some regions. The most popular one among tourists will be South East Asia. 
As the name implies, this region is located to the south of Asia and there are eleven countries inside the region. If you want to go for a vacation in South East Asian countries, you must use the services provided by the car rental companies because they are really cheap. If you rent a car, you will be sure that your vacation will be more enjoyable.
Here, we will tell you specific tips on travelling to three countries of South East Asia; Vietnam, Thailand and the Philippines.

The main place of attraction in Vietnam will be Hanoi located to the south and Ho Chi Minh City at the other end of the country. Both of these cities are highly modernized but not all cities in Vietnam experience the same thing. You can even see some old towns inside the country that is still lack of basic facilities and such. Every tourist that comes to this country will need a visa except for those who are from Thailand and Philippines. On a more important note, buy mosquito repellents to protect you from those insects during the night as mosquito related diseases are quite common in Vietnam.

The Thais are a religious community so you must not disrespect the customs that they have whenever you visit the temples known as ‘wat’. The same word is also being used in other countries nearby like Cambodia to represent their temples. Do not insult the Thais by touching them on the head as it will be their greatest insult especially to total strangers. Thais are always known for their politeness so give them the same level of respect.

Philippines is quite a special country because it has thousands of islands all around the main island. As it is an archipelago of islands, the beaches will be the main tourist spots inside the country while the best activity that you can do here is island hopping. There is always something to see here and you will be impressed with the beauty of the resorts here that complement the beauty of the nature given by God to this country.

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Welcome to a world where the colours are more vivid, where the landscapes are bolder, the coastline more dramatic, where the history is more compelling, where the tastes are more divine, where life is lived in the fast lane. This world is Vietnam, the latest Asian dragon to awake from its slumber.


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