Getting to hanoi from noi bai airport

Noibai airport far from the center of Hanoi about 45km. But do not spend time worrying about the transportation. Save time to enjoy your trip and what you need to do is only reading our article.

The cheapest way to go to the center of Hanoi is by bus. This way is suit to surfers down to the ground. There are two kinds of buses: public buses and buses’ travel companies (minibus).
Public buses
Turn right as you exit the airport terminal for the bus stop and you can catch the number 7 bus there. Like other buses in Hanoi, the no.7 bus runs frequently, about 15mins-20mins a trip and you just have to pay only VND 5,000 for about 20 km. However, you might have to stand because bus usually so crowded and it take about one hour. This quite uncomfortable and inconvenient for you with heavy baggage (C’mon. Look at bright sight: If you are a surfer, catching a bus, standing with heavy baggage in a crowded bus may an exciting experience in Hanoi :)) ). Furthermore, the last destination of the no.7 bus is Cầu Giấy, it’s far from center about 10-15km therefore you still have to catch a taxi or motorcycle to go to the center ( Old Quarter) ( You should ask the price before you go.
There are several Airline companies operate their own buses that serve different stops in Hanoi. When you go out arrival terminal, you can easily see many minibus there.
+ Vietnam airline: Vietnam Airlines offers both drop-off at and pick-up from. The last stop is at the Vietnam Airlines office at 1 Quang Trung Street . It’s very nearly Old Quarter, just around 2-3km. Expect to pay about VND 40,000 (US$2) 
+ Jetstar: The last stop is at 206 Tran Quang Khai Street. It’s also located in the city center like Vietnam Airlines’ office, offers two ways and takes US2$/trip.
Besides, there are many other minibus lines like Đại Nam, Việt Thanh, VietJetair… All these companies office are located in the center and expect the same price. The quality of vehicle and service is nice with comfortable seats and air conditional. There are many minibuses so you should catch the one has available seats or wait for other one.  
However, most these minibuses wait until all seats are taken then leave instead of leaving at specific times like bus, but not too long.
If you do not carry too heavy baggage, you should choose minibus. Cheap, fast, convenient, safe and comfortable. 

Taxi may is the most convenient and comfortable way to travel. There are many taxis at the airport. 
  • Taxi Mai Linh – Tel: 0438222666
  • Taxi Nội Bài – Tel: 0438868888
  • Taxi Việt Thanh – Tel: 0435636666
  • Taxi Đại Nam – Tel: 0438846666
  • Taxi Group Airport – Tel: 0438515151
  • …..

These taxis are quite prestigious so you can feel reliable. Airport taxis charge a single fixed rate, about $20 or more. Taxis take the fastest to get to the center, about 40 minutes depending on the traffic.  You should have a paper with the exact name and address of your hotel on hand, and show it to the taxi driver. Do not forget ask the price first and bargain if you can :)) ( Few taxi drivers in Hanoi can speak English  )  
 If you get your hotel's official airport transfer to pick you up from Noi Bai. The porter will wait at the arrivals gate with a card bearing your name, and he'll take you straight to your hotel from the airport. Sure, it may cost a little extra, but you pay for greater peace of mind.

Several tips:
  • After you go out the arrival terminal, you may be approached by many people: taxi drivers, tour guides… so you should spend a short time to breath and decide what transport you travel. 
  • Do not forget ask the price and bargain (if you can) when you buy or use something.
  • In fact, most of younger Vietnamese are kind, friendly and open. If you getting around Hoan Kiem lake or Old Quarter, you can see many younger willing to guide you and help you if they can speak English. Do not hesitate ask them for help, they will very helpful. Trust me. 
  • You should carry a map and travel book guide to avoid be lost in Old Quarter.

Sa Kul

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