7 Must See floating markets in Mekong Delta, Vietnam

Let’s imagine that one early morning, you are surrounded by noise sounds, by lively colors, and you are sit on a boat flow along Mekong delta.. For travelers from afar, visiting a floating market is the best way to discover the unique characters in the South Vietnam.. Take time to explore the floating markets like: Cai Rang, Cai Be, Phung Hiep and Nga Bay… You will get a special feeling for the rhythm of daily life there..

Floating market - Cái Bè (Tiền Giang province)
Address: Cai Be, Cai Be district, Tien Giang province.
Cái Bè is the most famous floating market in Tien Giang as well as the most attractive destination. It is located along Tân Phong island where is a adjacence of three provinces: Tiền Giang, Bến Tre and Vĩnh Long. Floating market Cái Bè is an amazing place with hundreds of boats full of all kinds of goods, floating business, boats serving as homes. 
Cái Bè is also the largest fruit market of Tien Giang province so you can taste many kinds of fresh fruit of Vietnam there. You also can explore by yourself others destination on the islands nearby..

Cái Răng Floating market ( Cần Thơ)
Address: Cai Rang district, Can Tho
Cái Răng is one of the most attractive destination of Can Tho city. You should get up early at the dawn of the day to be sure that you won’t miss the great moments at the floating market. You can catch a small boat then enjoy the busy atmosphere of this special market. Like many other markets, floating marker Cai Rang is the place where people exchange goods, but you can see sellers there often stand quietly at their boat rather than cry out about their goods because every boat has a long upright pole at its bow on which samples of the goods for sale are hung. If you wanna buy something, you don’t need to ask what goods sellers sell, you just need watch these poles…  You will explore amazing things about the daily life of the local people in the vastness of the river. I believe that you will have unforgettable moments when you wake up in a beautiful morning and travel along a part of Mekong delta..

Ca Mau Floating market 
Address: Ca Mau city, Ca Mau province
Floating market Ca Mau is the place where go into traditional songs of Vietnamese. Located in Gành Gào river, Ca Mau city, floating market Ngã Năm attract a hundreds boats from many other rural areas to exchange goods such as: Nam Can, Dam Doi, Ngoc Hien, Cai Nuoc.. The floating market mainly provides agricultural products: mango, coconut, … The floating market open from the sun rises till the sun sets. And their way they exchange goods is the same the way traders do in the inland. 

Nga Nam Floating market 
Address: Nga Nam town, Nga Nam district, Soc Trang province
The original of the name “Ngã Năm” come from this floating market is an intersection point of five rivers flow to five directions:  Ca Mau, Vinh Quoi, Long My, Thanh Tri, Phung Hiep.. Nam Can is not being well-known like other floating market like Cai Rang, Cai Be. This helps floating market Nga Nam retains its wild beautiful from the hundreds years. This floating market is also the focal point of 3 provinces: Soc Trang, Hau Giang and Bac Lieu. By dint of being an intersection point of five rivers, Nga Nam market open whole day, sellers and buyers pass by very frequently, draw a lively picture. If you are a photographer, these spectacle may inspired you to create something unique.  

Phung Hiep Floating market
Address: Nga Bay, Hau Giang province
The alternative name of this floating market is: Nga Bay, belongs to Hau Giang province. This market shaped from the early 20s. It became well-known not only in province but also all over six provinces in the South Vietnam. Nga Bay market is the place where traders meet and exchange goods each other as well as an attractive destination especially foreign visitors. There are many kinds of goods there: from fruits to household items, seafood… etc.. Goods is flow to remote area of country or even export abroad. An Australian culture when visiting floating markets Nga Bay commented as: " It is marvelous open-air market , an explosion of color , sound , taste natural , human imbued Vietnamese behavior . A cultural community filled with sensual properties "

Tra On Floating market
Address: Tra On district, Vinh Long province
This is the last floating market on Hau River before emptying into the East Sea, Tra On market located junction of Hau river and river Mang Thit. It is particularly popular in this market is market open go after the water, usually crowded in the morning but the moment of raising water is the most crowded. Visitors can watch the beauty of the market in each moment of the day on the water. Goods here are sold and distributed by the group. The main unique feature has attracted a significant number of tourists come here every year to visit. And visitors should not miss the famous dish is beef noodles served with vegetables and bananas.

Phong Dien Floating market
Address: Phong Dien district, Can Tho city
Far from Can Tho city center is about 17km, Phong Dien floating market is a focal point of trade and tourism is very popular in Can Tho. This market often opens at 4-5am and closes at 8-9am. Goods in Phong Dien floating market diversity than Cai Rang floating market. If the Cai Rang floating market is primarily agricultural, the Phong Dien floating market sales of agricultural products, tools such activities as: boat, knives, machetes, baskets ... Tourists can combine visiting floating market with the grave Phan Van Tri bachelor or walk under fruit orchards of this fertile land.

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