Suggestions for a Thrilling Day Trip Ho Chi Minh City

If you were to visit Vietnam for an unlimited time, you would definitely have all the time in the world for exploring all the facets that make this place unique. However, this is never the case and most people book Vietnam Day Trips for only a limited period of time. It is thus important that you know how you can take full advantage of the limited time you have to get the most out of this destination. 

A Day trip Ho Chi Minh City is certainly the best place to start off your vacation in this country. Even though there is no doubt that Ho Chi Minh City really has quite a lot to explore when it comes to cultural experiences and attractions, you surely can’t be able to experience everything, and you will thus need to prioritize and know what to go for.  

Eat soup for your breakfast 
Noodle soup dishes are very popular among the Vietnamese people. While everyone is well familiar with pho, the truth of the matter is that countless more soups of this kind exist and are worthy tasting during Vietnam Day Trips. By having the soup for your breakfast, you will certainly be able to start off your day the Vietnamese style. 

Tour the Ben Thanh Market
One of the top places in Ho Chi Minh City that you should consider visiting is the iconic Ben Thanh market which is the city’s central market. This is truly a great wonder that you should surely not miss and you will be able to buy nearly everything you might imagine ranging from groceries to meat, kitchen supplies and souvenirs among others. This market will surely make your Day trip Ho Chi Minh City complete in every sense. Considering the vast size of the market, it is essential that you schedule a considerably enough time to navigate everything the market has to offer. 

Appreciate the architecture 
Both colonial and modern buildings found in Ho Chi Minh City feature an amazing architecture that w ill leave you completely dazzled and marvel led. The city’s architecture comprise of a unique combination of old tube houses, French colonial buildings and modern skyscrapers. The city center features some old colonial buildings that not only have an amazing character but are also rich in history as well. Fortunately for you, most of these buildings are located just close to one another and you will be able to walk to most of them within a considerably short time period. Even downtown Ho Chi Minh City will amaze you due to the incredibly beautiful old buildings. 

Get a hair wash and massage 
Life in Ho Chi Minh City can be quite chaotic but the locals have designed a unique way in which you can get a serene escape from the chaos by offering cheap foot massages. This assures you of complete relaxation. A better alternative to the massive would be getting a hair wash which generally includes face wash, mask, a shoulder massage and even a head massage. 

Motorbike tours 
Vietnam Day Trips can never be complete without motorbike tours and no matter how limited your time is it is always a good idea that you spare sometime for these tours. The moment you reach Ho Chi Minh City, one thing that you will realize that the most popular vehicle of choice here is the motorbikes. And there is no any better way of seeing this great city than by riding on a motorbike. Hiring a bike at one of the many shops in the city is quite cheap and won’t really cost you a fortune. 

Get a good view 
Ho Chi Minh City doesn’t have many tall buildings as such and it is thus a good idea that you go atop one of the top buildings here and enjoy some good views over the entire city. Fortunately, most bars are on the high floors and you can thus get to enjoy the excellent views as you sip on your drink. After spending a long day full of many activities, this can mark the end of Day trip Ho Chi Minh City and you will certainly have a lot to narrate to your friends and family. 

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